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Atlanta Personal Fitness

Forward from Ryan Brennan...

Health and fitness has changed my life from being depressed and anxious to feeling confident, attractive, and energized; to spread my wealth of knowledge and energy to others through health and fitness. Fitness has taught me so many things from work ethic, commitment and consistency to community and relationship building.

Before I let you know what we do and how we do it, I feel you need to know WHY we do what we do.


It is our belief that making a physical transformation is so much more than just making a change in physical appearance and performance. We know what it does for the mind and soul, affecting everyone around us positively. It makes us happier! A major goal in life is happiness, so this is a great place to start!


we do what we do? Simple, we dedicate our lives to the pursuit of learning, taking action on what we learn and make it our own all day, every day. PERIOD.


we do is deliver body transformation and performance results in a fun, challenging, and result driven environment.

Our Services


  • A personalized package designed to get you amazing results feeling more energized, FIT, confident and reducing stress.
  • You will get a customized program, nutrition plan and access to your coach outside the session to get you to your goals while enjoying the process and not feeling like you are giving up your favorite foods or living in the gym.


  • A personalized package designed to get to your personal goals while working with a partner or small group of 3 for even more accountability.
  • This package also includes a nutrition plan and access to your coach outside the session to get you to your goals while enjoying the process.

Small Group Personal Training

  • A package designed to burn maximum fat in minimum time using only three, short, high intensity strength and conditioning sessions per week.
  • These sessions are designed to be challenging, effective, and fun. The best part is that it is done with the support of other amazing people (4 or more) looking to achieve their goals and elevate their level of fitness.
  • We strive to personalize your sessions with the appropriate modifications in a circuit training format for maximum fat loss and muscle toning.

*Personal training and semi-private training include complimentary access to small group personal training workouts & access to coaches outside the sessions.

*All services offered include baseline and monthly ongoing assessments to guarantee results.

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Giving us a try before you commit to a longer term program is a great way to get started and really experience what were about. Come meet us and find out what makes us unique. The 14-day trial membership includes:
  • 2 semi-private training sessions (2-4 people)
  • An individualized program based on your lifestyle, needs and goals
  • Nutritional guidance to fit your goals
  • 3x per week access to our small group training program
If at the end of the trial you feel like we are not the right fit for you, simply walk away and you will be under no further obligation.

No need to wait, call today!


Success Stories:


“Ryan helped me to build healthy habits and a strong mindset that will help me beyond his programs. Also I lost 75+ pounds and that’s always a win.”


“I have been working out with Ryan for almost 2 years now. He makes working out so much fun, gives such great advice and is always helpful with any concern I may have. He is consistent, timely and is great at communication. During the last 2 years, I have lost around 20 pounds, many inches off my waist and I have gained so much confidence in my self. Investing in yourself is so important and Ryan will make it worth your while. Put in the dedication and Ryan will be there to guide you every step of the way!! Thank you for all that you do Ryan!!”


“Ryan has been my trainer for a few months now and I am happy with the progress I have made so far. I feel stronger and I am more conscious of the food I am eating. He is extremely professional and is very knowledgeable about best practices for working out different part of the body. I love his constant positivity and his genuine personality. HIGHLY recommend him!”


“I have been working with Ryan for over a year now and he has helped me lose 70 pounds and 4 pant sizes! Beyond just training, Ryan has helped me reduce my anxiety around the gym and dieting, and is always there to listen and encourage me when I'm struggling with my fitness journey. I have always been inconsistent with my fitness but he makes it easy to stick to it and does a great job of progressing your workouts to show how far you've come. Definitely recommend!”

Find Us At:

Atlanta’s Fitness & Personal Training facility is Atlanta’s (located in Sandy Springs, GA) most results driven training facility.

Address: 6649-G Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone Number: 585-750-6831

  • Open Times
  • Monday - Friday
    5:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday
    7:00 am - 1:00 pm
*by appointment only


We dedicate every waking hour to getting people the best results in the shortest amount of time, as well as creating a completely unique gym experience.


Everything within our facility is aligned with our team’s core values, putting our clients relationships and results first and always looking to create an experience more than unique than other training facilities.


Nothing is more unique than our team. We are passionate and care about every single member that steps through our doors, with our purpose being changing their life through health and fitness. Consistent improvement and commitment to always growing is another one of our core values which is why myself and the team are always attending seminars, joining mastermind groups and reading the latest research and resources on everything fitness. We constantly pursue to be the best in our field and settle for nothing less.

Meet The

Ryan Brennan

Atlanta Personal Fitness was created by strength and conditioning specialist Ryan Brennan MS, CPT, CSCS (with over a decade of experience and a Master's degree in Exercise Science).

Ryan has made a name for himself in the Atlanta community from moving to Sandy Springs, GA July 2017 from upstate NY and growing out of contracting at a local gym to building his own community of 40+ clients and now opening his first facility helping clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their personal physique and performance goals.

Ryan has spent his entire life in the health and fitness field becoming obsessed with learning how to optimize health while enjoying life. From youth sports to a masters degree in Exercise Science and now pursuing his dreams of creating a facility where members can train, grow and connect building a unique experience and strong community.

Ryan’s training methods are grounded in evidence-based science while including a mixture of powerlifting, functional training, Olympic lifting, kettlebell training as well as many other methods to produce significant strength and performance results. His speciality is his adaptability to provide the highest quality of training for every ability level from the young athlete, beginner adult to professional/elite athletes.

Ryan’s passion is his curiosity in every single individual that walks through the door. Building relationships and coaching clients through obstacles with their nutrition and lifestyle is a big part of his learning and experience. People started coming to Ryan because of the amazing transformations he started getting his clients when he first moved here with clients losing 75+ pounds.


Contact Ryan about training and/or speaking opportunities.

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